Better Health Together Billboard

Multiple billboards created to raise COVID-19 vaccine awareness in BIPOC communities.

Concept Development

Like most projects, this one started out with sketches and line passes to get the overall composition down. I typically will leave erasing for the next phase as a big piece of this phase for me is understanding how the different elements will fit together. This is generally when I'll work out placement and negative space so that the end piece will feel balanced. This project was rather unique because it had a custom type element that I handled separately and then brought in to work the rest of the piece around.

Inking/Final Line Art

Since a lot of the compositional decisions were made in the last phase I can generally focus on line quality and cleaning up forms at this point. However, sometimes I will make some decisions at this point (for example changing the symbol in the girls hand on the second billboard). Most of the time this phase is pretty straight forward and a great time to throw on my favorite album and chill.

Final Piece

This is always the fun part! Getting to mess around with color (or sometimes apply color palettes provided by clients). This is when I get to express a lot of the vision that I've had for the project. For this project in particular I really wanted to express the fun and boldness of the design through my color choices. I wanted this to be something people couldn't help but notice when they drove or walked by!