No Love 2 Album Artwork

Album artwork done for Tony Redd's Sophomore album: No Love 2. Complete with standard edition design, deluxe edition artwork, and platform specific designs to accommodate different streaming services.


The full title of the album is "No Love 2: Balance on Life's Greasy Floor". As such I really wanted to find an image that captured the feeling of the albums central themes. After Tony showed me this image of him on an elevator floor, I knew it was the one. I proceeded to alter the image slightly to get a little more ambient feel to it and then sought out the perfect type to complement the work. In the end I felt a free handed script was the best fit because of its loose, long strokes.

Deluxe Edition

For the albums deluxe edition I really wanted to double down on this photograph motif. However, the part I'm most satisfied with is the back of the album art, where I mirrored everything on the front as if you truly were looking at the back of a photo through a mirrored pane.