Cyber Funk Branding and Cover Art

Branding and box cover art for a personal project that's almost as funky as it's terrible F-word puns. Get ready from one funking good time!

The Story

Funk has made a resurgence in the year 3065, and it’s groovier than ever. You are Dante Deacon, the baddest mamma-jamma in Neo Harlem. You’ve got it all, psychadelic hair, lovely ladies, and a far out ride that’d make you wanna slap yo mama. But when The Man and his minions arrive in your city and begin making trouble, it’s your job to punch, kick, and boogie your way through these jive turkeys to protect this funky city.

Exploring Mediums

Getting the chance to apply the cover art to different cases, cartridges, and mediums made for a rewarding exercise in brand expansion.

Funk it Up

Cyber funk was an opportunity to share my deep love for gaming through my equal passion for design. I truly hope you enjoyed looking through this personal project, and if you're a game developer, the IP is surprisingly available for purchase at the measly starting price of $1,000,000. Thanks again, don't let the man get you down and stay funky out there.