NCBA Branding

A full rebrand completed for the National Caucus for Black Aging. Project included an entire re-evaluation of brand story, logos, collateral, website, and assets.

Concept Development

From the beginning, the purpose of this rebrand for NCBA was to create a more modern brand story that also could pay homage to the organizations tradition. It was important that the new design path felt steadfast and trustworthy but also bold. The company is focused on providing the proper resources and care to minority elders and as such felt that the new brand should reflect their dedication to their mission.

Logo Construction

The final NCBA logo was developed with craftsmanship and flexibility in mind. Each letter of the logo was created inside a perfect square, allowing for a wide range of arrangements and uniformity throughout the brand. You will also notice that the letters have been spaced optically to account for negative space and provide a cohesive feeling overall.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are an essential part to any branding project. Guidelines help current and future employees or designers for NCBA tell the brand story properly. They empower the client and solidify the long term brand vision.