BitBox Branding

Branding and mascot completed for a self-initiated gaming company specializing in handheld devices.

Sketches for BitBox included a lot of exploration of shapes and connecting letters like puzzle pieces. Thought was given to overall imagery as well as the expansion potential for additional marks down the road. In the end the solution chosen ended up being one that fit perfectly inside of a square "BitBox".

Mascot Conception

BitBox was a unique project so heavy emphasis was given towards developing unique assets and characteristics for the brand. One such asset was the brand mascot, aptly named "BitBoy". Here you'll see the first iteration of BB and some of the less than admirable names that didn't make the cut.

Final Mascot Design

BitBoy really began to take shape once the brand colors and assets were added to his design. Sticking with the brand color palette allowed me to really push the whimsical side of the mascot while still maintaining a lot of the charm from the original sketch.

Final Thoughts

BitBox was an exercise in taking a brand further than just a traditional group of marks. By exploring the creation of a mascot and how the brand could be applied to personify it really made for an interesting journey into what it really means to formula a brand story. Like most of my self-initiated projects, BitBox taught me some valuable lessons.