Preserve Priest Branding

Fully comprehensive branding and identity created for the Priest Lake Cabin Owners Association (PLCOA) and West Priest Lake Cabin Owners Association.

Sketches are a vital part to any project as they allow for quick exploration of a wide range of ideas and concepts without the rigid limitations of most design software. For this project in particular, an extensive amount of time was spent fleshing out different design directions that could have potential. As you'll notice, heavy emphasis was given to symbolism related to the lake and a love of nature. In the end a bolder approach was taken and the chosen direction grew from the sketch at the very bottom middle.


For the “Preserve Priest” brand, the entire goal was to create something that built on the strength, dedication, and inclusiveness of the brand vision to create something that felt sturdy but welcoming. The repetition of the circular wave in the logomark helps create a sense of organic movement that continues throughout the rest of the brand.

Dark, Quiet, Wild Shirts

In addition to creating the full brand for the Preserve Priest Lake movement, I was fortunate enough to design the shirts for their very first campaign: Dark, Quiet, and Wild. These shirts represent just 3 of the main reason why the lake is a serene and beautiful destination for families.