Epic Gamers Branding

Epic gamers is a gaming monitor and accessories company based out of Qatar. Brand strategy, logos, assets, guidelines, and web page examples all developed by Lejit Designs.

Concept Development

During early discussions between myself and the Epic Gamers team, I offered up the idea of rebranding the company with a more cyber-punk, tech aesthetic. To that end, concept development catered towards more tech relevant glyphs and hard-wired shape language. The glyph that would eventually become the stepping stone for the entirety of the rebrand can be seen on the first page of sketches.


The main mark for Epic Gamers was constructed to take advantage of the hexagonal shape of the fist glyph to help combine the company title with the glyph in a cohesive way. Early iterations of the wordmark had the title separated from the hexagonal border, but in the end the final product seen here feels much bolder. Extensive care was given to ensure that spaces were properly allocated around the hexagonal border to properly frame all of the elements within.

Brand Illustrations

As a part of the Epic Gamers rebrand, brand illustrations were completed of each major product to provide additional assets for use in advertisements and other company collateral. All of the illustrations were completed to resemble schematics or blueprints in the hopes of further developing a cyber-punk aesthetic.

Brand Guidelines

As with any branding project, brand guidelines play an essential role in the successful telling (or retelling) of a brand story. For Epic Gamers, heavy emphasis was given to how the brand would now be perceived and how brand assets and other elements could be used to drive a new brand story into the hearts of new and existing customers.

Social Media & Advertisements

Multiple example ads and social media posts were developed to help demonstrate proper brand application. You'll notice the hexagonal shape language included in the logo is heavily repeated throughout all of the ads and posts. Note too that each example demonstrates the use of multiple brand assets to create one cohesive brand story.

Website Development

Because Epic Gamers does not have any brick-and-mortar locations, they reach their customers primarily through their site. Because of this, it was imperative that the new look and feel of the brand could be readily applied to the new website as well. To the left is a simple mockup given to the Epic Gamers team in an effort to demonstrate how brand elements could be utilized to tell the brand story through the site.