Famicase Exhibition 2020 - 2021

My Famicase is a worldwide exhibition hosted in Tokyo, Japan by METEOR. The exhibition calls for artists, designers and creatives to create fictional Famicom games and design their respective cartridges. If chosen, your cartridge is displayed in the METEOR Club gallery for one month where members of the public can view the entries and vote for their favorite design.

2020 Entry - 9 Lives

Tac was dumped in The Bottoms, a city known for its danger and merciless feline gangs, with no money, girlfriend, or catnip to his name. All he gets is 9 lives to make everything right...make sure he uses them wisely. Not every cat get 9 lives.

2021 Entry - Beat Bop Remix

Beat Bop Remix is a rhythm mixmaster game where the quality of your beats is decided by your timing and rhythm.