Whisked Away Coffee Roast

Coffee bags and stickers designed for the Blissful Whisk's brand new coffee roast.

Sticker Creation

The first portion of this project consisted of developing a sticker that could be handed out along with the bags. It was imperative that the final design reflected the final design of the bag as well. The final design takes inspiration from old 1950's ads and graphics.

Bag Concept Development

To ensure that the sticker and bag felt related, I decided to take the sticker illustration and build on it to develop an illustration for the front of the new roast bags. By expanding on the setting a bit more you not only get some additional context, but you also ensure that the sticker feels like a more vital piece of the overall design.

Final Bag Design

For the overall bag design I decided to create a general map of the locations surrounding the bakery with key landmarks shown throughout. The intention was to have the map wrap around the sides and back of the bag. Maintaining the whimsical tone of the original sticker and bag concepts helped make the rest of the bag feel cohesive overall.